Core tasks

The operator enables the continuation of scientific research, maintains the system and carries out value-preserving measures.

The core tasks of the operator include:

  • Scheduled maintenance and repair incl. exercise of the duty to inspect and monitor in accordance with regulations (hoists, winches, safety technology, occupational safety equipment, tank technology, etc.)
  • Organization of the research enterprise including carrying out the research travels (ship connection and flight connections by helicopter incl. Provision of an authorized escort with qualification for institute-commissioned installation and maintenance work) in coordination with the measuring institutes.
  • Organization and controlling of all repair work of the operational structures of FINO1
  • Creating and maintaining an operating manual
  • Update of a usage and security concept
  • Enabling and exploiting synergy effects in connection with the nearby offshore wind farm "alpha ventus" (eg joint crossings, refueling or the like, see also evaluation matrix) and the research projects taking place there
  • Storage with consumables
  • Warranty and consideration of future research potential
  • Ensure the technical safety of the platform and the safety of persons, the environment and the ease and safety of shipping and aviation
  • Presentation of FINO1 activities in the public and updating of FINO1 websites
  • Cooperation with the measuring institutes and with other research centers interested in the use of FINO1 and the data collected
  • Coordination and cooperation with all relevant authorities
  • Cooperation with the operators of the research platforms FINO2 and FINO3
  • Coordination of the most important activities on FINO1, new uses and possible repair measures with the project sponsor Jülich and the Federal Ministry of Economics