For the construction of the platform – in due consideration of the results of soil analyses – various options for the foundations were analyzed. In the light of the depth of water and the objective for the minimum possible deflection of the structure as a whole, jacket construction has been preferred.

Key technical data for the various areas of platform construction are set out below:


  • 4 piles
  • Pile diameter: 1.5 m
  • Pile thickness: 18 mm / 40 mm
  • Pile length: 38 m
  • Pile weight: 37 t
  • Ramming; characteristic: high rigidity, low integral weight

Foundation structure

  • Jacket, 26 x 26 m on the seabed
  • SKN -28 m to SKN +20 m
  • Vertical ladder
  • Half-landing at SKN +10 m
  • Panels for measuring equipment
  • Vertical guide rail for UW camera
  • Cathodic corrosion protectio

Platform deck

  • Welded steel construction
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 m
  • 2 access openings
  • Deck penetration for UW camera

Wind measuring mast

  • Steel lattice tower construction
  • SKN +20 m to SKN +101 m
  • Vertical ladder
  • Rest platforms
  • Brackets for equipment, bowden wire
  • Lighting
  • Parabolic antenna, radar


  • Welded steel construction
  • SKN +25 m (5 m above the platform)
  • Stairway

The FINO1 platform operates with no permanently-stationed personnel. The platform is monitored centrally from onshore. The platform can be accessed by ship or helicopter. The platform is provided with a helipad, in order to ensure the maximum possible time window for access to the platform, even in poor weather.