The platform is equipped with comprehensive measuring equipment from research and university institutes. Measuring equipment, living/working quarters (emergency accommodation), the diesel generator set with accumulator and radar equipment are housed in four separate containers. A crane is used for the extraction of soil samples. A camera bracket for the recording of underwater images is arranged underwater.

The key fittings on the platform are as follows:

Crane installation

  • Offshore crane 5,0 t
  • Lifting height: 33 m
  • Radio remote control system

Container superstructure

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Radar
  • Measuring equipment
  • Diesel engine/generator


  • Diesel fuel tank – 10,000-litre capacity
  • Lubricating oil supply tank – 100-litre capacity
  • Seawater pump
  • Tensioning line installation for hydrographic measurement

Electronic equipment

  • Power supply unit
  • 20 kVA unit / 16 kW continuous rating
  • 100 kVA unit / 80 kW continuous rating
  • Additional equipment for unsupervised operation, with servicing intervals of 4,500 hours / 6 months
  • Power supply in all containers
  • External lighting, emergency lighting, lightning protection

Safety equipment

  • Fire protection system, CO² extinguishing installations,
  • Optical and acoustic alarms
  • Manual fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc.
  • Releasable and launchable life raft
  • Emergency operation for life raft
  • 4 x lifebelts
  • 4 x survival suits
  • 4 x lifejackets
  • First aid equipment