A soil analysis of the future site was conducted in October 2001. This soil analysis was undertaken by the encased dry drilling method in accordance with DIN 4021, to a soil depth of 32 metres, in combination with pressure sounding in accordance with DIN 4094, to a soil depth of 28.5 metres below the sea bed.

The detailed stratification of the soil investigated is as follows (expressed in metres below the sea bed):

  • 0-5 metres: fine sand, predominantly medium-sandy, partially silty
  • 5-15 metres: medium sand, predominantly coarse-sandy, partially gravelly
  • 15-32 metres: fine sand, predominantly silty, in the deep zone (15 – 20 m) with localized silt deposits

Details can be seen in the drilling profile, which is available to download here in pdf format.

Download drilling profile [PDF, 69.9 KB]