Methods of bird-watching

Analyzes of offshore occurrence of migratory birds based on a MultiSenor system (MultiBIRD)

Avitec Research GbR

On behalf of the BSH, comprehensive methods for bird watching are used at FINO1 as part of the MultiBIRD project. The occurrence and behavior of birds as well as the effects of offshore wind turbines on birds are in the foreground. An innovative sensor network based on high-performance and high-resolution video and thermal imaging cameras as well as radar devices should provide the required data. Measurements should be taken over three years using this "MultiSensor" device network. The analysis of the data will then help to answer the following questions:
  1. What are the cumulative effects of offshore wind farms on migratory birds?
  2. How do migrating and resting birds respond to a wind farm/barrier from multiple wind farms?
  3. Does it come to large/small-scale avoidance behavior or is the wind farm flown through?
  4. What effects do wind farm effects have on the population level of migratory bird species?
  5. Can collision rates be determined per type (group)?
  6. What is the train behavior in bad weather conditions (fog/rain)?
  7. How does the operating condition of wind turbines affect the behavior of migratory and resting birds?
  8. Is it possible to develop a predictive model for mass train events?
  9. Under which weather conditions do mass train events occur?
  10. How are the rest birds distributed in the wind farm (avoidance behavior, habituation)?
  11. What are the train intensities in ranges (altitudes) greater than 1.5 km?
  12. What could be an improved detection system for offshore migratory birds?
The research project "Analyzes of offshore occurrence of migratory birds on the basis of a MultiSenor system - MultiBIRD Phase III" was awarded by the BSH as an R & D mission with the aim to open questions on bird migration through new research and development approaches or innovative analysis methods to help answer the ongoing development of offshore wind farms.