View during storm from FINO1 to the wind farm Alpha Ventus
View during storm from FINO1 to the wind farm Alpha Ventus

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH)

The capture of oceanographic data takes place at and in the immediate vicinity of FINO1. The measurement concept includes a sea buoy at a distance of 200 m with the wave height, period and direction recorded. An acoustic flow meter (AWAC) at the bottom serves to record the water level and the airfoil, such as speed and direction at different water depths. Using a measuring chain, various hydrological parameters such as water temperature, oxygen content and salinity are measured.

Hydrological measurements provide information on current- and wave-induced loads which will be experienced by the offshore wind turbines to be constructed. They are also key indicators for the selection of floating equipment to be used in installation and operation. Measured data will also provide additional information on hydrographic conditions in the German Bight.

Accordingly, this project also involves the measurement of various hydrological parameters on the platform, including the following:

  • Water level
  • Current (speed and direction at various water depths)
  • Sea conditions (wave height, wavelength, wave direction)
  • Water layers
  • Water temperature
  • Oxygen content
  • Salt content

The objective is the most comprehensive possible recording and storage of time series for measured variables, in order to allow the documentation of the greatest possible number of representative results for the offshore region. In addition to their benefit to offshore wind power, these data will also allow the improvement of physical atmospheric and oceanographic models, and will assist in the monitoring of the marine environment.

Measured data

The verified data are made available via the "Insitu Portal of the BSH" and can be accessed at the BSH after registration. The BSH will then send you a link under which you can select the publicly accessible specialized procedures of the BSH. To access the FINO database, please select the specialist procedure "Insitu".

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