Current research projects at FINO1


Various meteorological parameters such as wind speeds, wind direction, air pressure and temperature are measured on FINO1.


As part of a research project, various hydrological parameters such as water level, current, sea state and water temperature are measured on the platform.

Direction of sea state

With four radar sensors in the surroundings of FINO1, the water level, the seaway and the direction of the sea state are determined.

Gamma radiation

At FINO1, environmental radioactivity is continuously monitored in order to quickly detect the radioactive contamination of the environment in an accident and estimate the expected radiation exposure.


Via a GNSS system, a reference to the heights is realized on FINO1, so that the recorded water level data is exactly georeferenced or provided with an exact height reference.

Bat behavior

The Batmobil project aims to identify factors that increase the risk of collision and killing for bats with offshore wind turbines.

Environmental noise

The aim of the JOMOPANS project is to develop a framework for a fully operational joint environmental noise monitoring program in the North Sea.

Songbird migration

FINO1 belongs to a network of automatic receiving stations in the area of the German Bight, which receive signals from songbirds, which are equipped with tiny radio telemetry transmitters.

Methods of bird-watching

As part of the MultiBIRD project, comprehensive bird-watching methods are being used on FINO1. An innovative sensor network based on high-performance and high-resolution video and thermal imaging cameras as well as radar devices should provide the required data.