Research archive

Bat migration

Within the framework of the project BATMOVE the knowledge about the spatial and temporal distribution of migratory bats over the North and Baltic Sea as well as their connectivity shall be improved.

Scour phenomenon

The project deals with the establishment of offshore wind turbines and the important phenomenon of scour in this context. The aim is to model and simulate the scour process on the research platforms FINO1 and FINO3.

Boundary layer stability

In order to close existing gaps between the requirements and the observation data, a measurement campaign is being carried out in the area of FINO1 in which different types of sensors and technical devices are being tested.

Collision risk for migratory birds

In order to be able to estimate the risk of collision for migratory birds, it is necessary to precisely quantify the volume of migration in the area of existing plants and to compare them with undisturbed conditions.

Wake of wind turbines

Aim of the project is the test of a LiDAR network in the environment of the wind farm alpha ventus.

Sound pressure level

The construction of offshore wind turbines in the North Sea and Baltic Sea requires construction measures and equipment which, due to significant sound pressure levels under water, can lead to a sensitive influence on marine mammals.

Benthic ecology

The aim of the project "BeoFINO" was to develop methods and criteria to investigate potential impacts of future offshore wind turbines on the marine environment.

Migratory birds and wind farms

Several research projects are to answer the questions whether the construction and operation of offshore wind farms will have a negative impact on migratory birds.